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Star Categories

Be a Star! Sponsor a Star!


Performing Arts

We can't promise you a TV gig, but we're happy to hear you sing, play an instrument, perform a skit, dance, or tell  jokes! (Time limit is 5 minutes maximum.)


Focus! Dazzle us with samples of your photographic art, whether it be portrait, lifestyle, artistic, or traditional.

Fine Arts, Design

Display your lovely paintings, sketches, illustrations, digital art, fashion, interior/exterior design portfolio, et cetera. 

Textile Art

Show us the stunning creations from your sewing, knitting, quilting, crocheting, macrame, weaving, et cetera.

Arts and Crafts

Display your unique pieces! Examples: woodworking, jewelry-making, holiday crafts, candle-making, sculpting, et cetera. 



You're the next Steven Spielberg—or not! If your art is creating videos for documentaries, entertainment, DIY, et cetera. You may show a 5-minute sample of your work.

NOTE: Food/cooking is not permitted. Have questions or don't see your category? Please contact Beth Healey at 724.987.2810, or


  • Your Space: We'll provide you with a six-foot, linen-covered table to display your work.

  • Your Needs: You can bring marketing materials, an electronic device, your musical instrument if you plan to perform, and the items you wish to display. We can provide you an electrical outlet.

  • Orders: You may reserve orders from guests for off-site purchases with the exception of alcoholic beverages. 

  • Promotions: The sooner you sign up, the faster we can create your online profile and help to promote you.

  • Fundraising: You commit to raising $500* by asking family, friends, and/or businesses to sponsor you. Raise funds via social platforms (Facebook, GoFundMe, etc.) or by asking in-person. Copy & paste this LINK on your social network(s).

  • A Bit Extra that Means A Lot: Please consider donating a gift basket or service relevant to your talent (such as a painting or a quilting lesson) for our silent auction.

  • Prizes: PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED based on our guests' votes for their favorite talent stars. For those of you who are extra ambitious fundraisers and competitors, you will have a chance at winning our grand prize trophy for raising the most funds beyond $500.



person receiving trophy_edited.png


Each event guest will be provided a ballot to vote for their top favorite stars. We'll collect the ballots after dinner, tally up the votes, and the winners will be announced and asked to come forward and receive their prizes.

Additionally, our top fundraising star will be awarded the grand prize trophy for his/her valiant fundraising efforts.

Top Fundraiser

First Place: Showstopper

Second Place: Master

Third Place: Rising Star


What You Need to Know

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