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Samaritan: a Lifeline to Emotional, Relational, and Spiritual Wellness

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Breaking Down the Barriers to Mental Healthcare


The pandemic exacerbated the existing mental health crisis in Pennsylvania and across the nation. Yet, more than half of Americans suffering with mental health problems do not get treatment. The main obstacles to mental healthcare are lack of resources, inaccessible services, and a widespread shortage of services. Samaritan provides Western Pennsylvanians solutions to these obstacles by offering financial aid, providing both in-person and teletherapy, and expanding into underserved areas.

Expanding to Meet Needs


Nationally accredited by the Solihten Institute in Denver, Colorado, Samaritan opened its doors in 1982 with a single therapist on staff. We’ve since grown into a 22-employee center with 11 satellites in six counties. We also provide online therapy for any Pennsylvania resident. We counsel over 1,000 men, women, and children annually and train, coach, and educate hundreds more both online and in-person.


Why People Choose Samaritan


All are welcome at Samaritan. We serve people without discriminating on any basis, including inability to pay.

We believe that deep healing occurs when mind, body, and spirit thrive harmoniously. Samaritan's licensed therapists empower individuals, families, and faith communities, from all backgrounds and faiths to achieve the health, wholeness, and purpose that God intended.


For those struggling with emotional, relational, or spiritual pain, we offer compassionate, spiritually-integrated care to help them heal, give them hope, and allow them to change

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